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Contractual penalty for the withdrawal from an agreement.

Until recently, the Supreme Court rulings concenring contractual penalty clause for the withdrawal from an agreement which in return was due to non-payment of the other party was not uniform. Part of rulings denied the legality of such clause whereas the other part acknowledged it. The whole issue of possibility to stipulate the contractual penalty […]

Cole mine in Poland

Cole mine in Poland – a new chance for the coutry? Coal Holding, representing in Poland Australian capital group, Balamara Recourses Limited wishes to obtain a license in September 2015. That time, construction of a coal mine shall start. It will take approx. 2-3 years till the coal mine shall start its normal operations.

Public Procurement Law in Poland

As per Public Procurement Law in Poland, there are 8 procedures for awarding public contracts: Open tendering (przetarg nieograniczony) Restricted tendering (przetarg ograniczony) Negotiated procedure with publication (negocjacje z ogłoszeniem) Negotiated procedure without publication (negocacje bez ogłoszenia) Single source procurement (zamówienie z wolnej ręki) Competitive dialogue (dialog konkurencyjny) Request for quotation (zapytanie o cenę) Electronic […]

How to establish a branch in Poland.

How to establish a branch in Poland. Procedures and requirements to establish a branch in Poland are governed by the Act on the Freedom of Business Activity and Act on the National Court Registry. Foreign companies planning to establish a branch in Poland are treated in the same way as Polish companies. A branch does not have […]

Divorce in Poland

Divorce in Poland – it does not have to be a nightmare. In the Polish legal system, we distinguish between divorce and judicial separation. Both are subject of court’ sentence based on Family and Custody Code (Kodeks Rodzinno Opiekuńczy, KRO). But they differ significantly from each other. Among the most important differences we should mention following: