Business Client

Legal servicing of the IT market

We specialize in conducting the following deeds:
license agreement,
sub-license contract,
license delivery contract,
service contract,
assignment contract/ standing contract,
reseller contract,
implementing contract and subcontract,
contracts related to website creation,

software development contract,
hosting contract..

Commercial and corporate law

We provide legal and consulting service to both Polish and international companies, as follows:
current legal service of companies acting under Trade Law Act, foundations, associations and entrepreneurs,
complex legal service of SME Sector,
formation, transformation and liquidation of companies, subsidiaries, rep offices and branches,
preparation of draft resolutions and minutes of general meetings,
risk assessment and risk control for managers, shareholders and stakeholders,
legal support at concluding contracts with foreign parties subject to the applicable law and jurisdiction and indicating risks and defining possibilities of contractual protection
due diligence of Polish and foreign business partners,
examination of credibility of Polish and foreign business partners

Real Estate Law

The scope of services offered within the range of real estate law includes:
preparation of complex analysis of the legal status of the real estate,
preparation of  all necessary legal documents related to real estate transactions,
representation in negotiations concerning real estate transactions,
litigation in civil and administrative proceedings.

Housing Law

We offer legal service for housing cooperatives, including following:
legal service of BoD and/or Administrator of a housing cooperative,
legal support in meetings held by a housing cooperative,
drafting and evaluating official documents of a housing cooperative,
litigation in court, administrative and debt collection proceedings.

Legal servicing of investors

We undertake legal services of investment projects related to the construction of residential, sport, office, commercial, industrial and warehouse spaces, including following:

drafting, reviewing and negotiating:
construction contracts
general contracting contracts
author’ and investor’ supervision contracts
delivery and service contracts

dispute resolution between investors, contractors, developers and customers (negotiation and mediation),
legal representation in court and administrative proceedings related to the investment process.


The scope of services offered within the range of copyright includes:
legal advice concerning copyright on artworks, know-how and trade secrets,
commercialization of knowledge, creation of spin-off and spin-out companies,
conducting license and distribution agreements, including agreements in international trading,
legal service concerning valuation of trademarks, inventions and business enterprises,
conducting complex legal proceedings relating to copyright infringement,
protection of personal rights on the Internet.

Public Procurement Law

In the scope of the public procurement law we provide legal advice services in Poland and the European Union. We represent both Awarding Entities and Economic Operators on each stage of preparation and conduct of award procedures.

For the Awarding Entities:
preparation of SIWZ (Specification of Essential Terms of Tender) documentation
indication of risk connected with tendering procedure
development of the specimen contracts, responds to inquiries of tenderers, responds to appeals, complaints and answers to complaints
development of the necessary tendering documentation

For Economic Operators (Vendors):
preparation of tenders
preparation of a power-of-attorney in compliance with contents and requirements of Public Procurement Act,
preparation of letters and inquiries with respect to the Specification of Essential Terms of Tender (SIWZ),
preparation of the information to the Awarding Entity,
evaluation of specimen of contracts included in SIWZ (indicating risk, decisions unfavorable for the Economic Operator),
appeals, acceding to appeals, complaints, answers to complaints, supportive interventions,
development of specimen consortium agreements, subcontract agreement,
due diligence of variants submitted.

Public and Private Partnership

We provide comprehensive legal services and trainings with respect to projects implemented under Public and Private Partnership (PPP), and under concession for construction works or services, including:

legal and financial project feasibility analysis and legal opinions,
consultancy with respect to feasibility of the project under current legal and fiscal circumstances,
legal services during the procedure to select the Private Partner,
drafting and negotiating of PPP agreements,
establishing and registration of SPVs,
consulting with respect to Market Testing and public consultation,
raising funds from the EU funds for new investments,
PPP trainings.

Health Protection and Medical Law

As part of our health service specialisation, we offer legal assistance to both public and private health care entities:
creation, privatization, transformation and liquidation of health care institutions,
legal assistance offered to the Members of the Board of Directors of the health care institution,
legal servicing of competitions for the provision of medical services,
legal servicing of contracts with National Health Fund (NFZ),
drafting and reviewing of clinical trial agreements,
drafting and reviewing of non-medical services agreements.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency law

preparing and conducting insolvency and settlement proceedings,
drafting bankruptcy petitions,
drafting settlement agreements.


litigation in administrative and civil proceedings, before the Commercial Court, in insolvency, settlement and enforcement proceedings,
legal representation before the Tax Office, Tax control Office and Social Insurance Office (ZUS).

Out-of-court commercial disputes resolution

Mediation (Alternative Dispute Resolution) between:
investors and contractors,
developers and their clients,
business counterparties (Sellers and Buyers of specific goods and/or services).

Cross-border legal service in India, China, Viet Nam and Japan

Civil and commercial cases in:
Viet Nam,

Mergers, acquisition and restructuring of companies

restructuring of companies, including restructuring with purpose of tax optimization,
mergers and divisions of companies,
legal support during purchase and sale of shares of a company,
drafting of joint venture and shareholders agreements,
restructuring of capital groups.