Business support service in Poland

Business support service in poland became a significant industry in the country.

When you ask  foreigners which Polish cities they have heard about they usually say Warsaw and Cracow. Soon, there is a good chance that Wroclaw will be a well know Polish city in the financial industry within the EU.

Wrocław is emerging as one of the most important financial hubs as more West European companies decide to establish their back offices in it. Wrocław has already challenged India as preferred location for business supporting industry.

What is attracting Western companies such as Credit Swiss, BNY Mellon Bank, UBS, Procter & Gamble, IBM  and Hewlett – Packard  to establish their business support units in Poland?

There are few reasons:

Cutting cost is only one them. The other ones are perfect location, close to border to Germany and the Czech Republic. Wrocław can be reached in a few hours flight or car drive.

For many companies it is important that while functioning  from Poland they  still operate under the EU law.

In addition, India is not as cheap as a decade ago. The cost to establish and run an office here and there will be similar. In Poland, it will be however easier to find western educated young people just starting their professional path. They have better knowledge of European languages such as German, Italian, Spanish or French and not only English as the case might be in India. Do not let us forget about the mentality questions and cultural differences which may bring an obstacle to business. Poland has always been a part of Europe and shares the most of its values.

Lastly, Wrocław is a beautiful place with charming parks and gardens where you can get rest after spending many hours in one of the newly built offices. When taking about cutting cost, let us say that rental prices for office spaces in Wroclaw are very reasonable when compared to Warsaw and Cracow. They are modern, very well equipped and usually centrally located.