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We have joined International Society of Family Law

We are proud to announce that our law firm has joined International Society of Family Law. ISFL is wordwide scholarly association. It is dedicated to the study and discussion of family law and family law cases. The organization brings together lawyers, advocates, judges, law makers and University professors teaching family law.

In last years, we have specialized in cases concerning international family law and cross-border cases.

With very few exeptions, we can state that we usually represent international clients, being both citizens of EU – member states and non-EU member states,  before Polish courts and third parties in the entire territory of Poland.

Divorce in Poland

We have been dealing with divorce in Poland, child custody, visitation,  child and spouse support cases, pecuniary affairs and parental child abduction cases.

We have been dealing with economic aspects of a divorce in Poland, too. This includes division of the company after divorce, abolition of joing ownership before divorce in Poland and division of property after divorce in Poland.

Our team

At our law firm, we have created a team dedicated to international family law cases. Our team members advise on all areas of divorce and family law, with particular expertise in and understanding of international issues. Our approach to international family law case is both constructive and solution focused.

To our international, mostly English-speaking clients, we have dedicated our new website,

Joing ISFL has given us a good opportunity to not only deepen our knowledge in the field of family law, especially with international aspect but also to be able to share our experience with colleagues from other countries who has been dealing with similar cases.

We strongly believe in the idea of sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues to be able to provide clients with better service and legal suport.