Individual Client

Civil law

Drafting and analyzing of:
rental agreements,
sales agreements,
lease agreements,
credit agreements.

Administrative law and procedures

Our offer is targeted at foreigners living or planning to live in Poland. We can undertake following legal assistance:
application for residence permit,
work permit,
proceeding for confirmation or granting of Polish citizenship.

Law of succession and inheritance

legal advice for successors and legators,
legal assistance for preparation of a Last Will and Testament,
litigation in inheritance proceedings and in proceedings for division of inheritance,
legal assistance for non-citizens being successors of a real estate in Poland.

Family law

judical separation,
divorce with or without verdict indicating culpability for breakdown of marriage,
child support payment,

alimony payment,
child custody,
child visitation,
establishing and denial of paternity,
legal incapacitation,
international child abduction (The Haague Abduction Convention).

Pecuniary affairs

division of property after divorce,
marriage articles,
matrimonial regime,
division of non-marital properties and assets,
legal assistance for cohabiting couples.

Real Estate law

The scope of services offered within the range of real estate law includes:
preparation of complex analysis of the legal status of the real estate,
conducting all necessary legal documents  related to transactions within the scope of the real estate trading,
representation in negotiations concerning real estate trading,
litigation in civil and administrative proceedings.

Debt collection

Mediation in civil and family matters

Mediation can be conducted in all civil cases in which a settlement is allowed. Its aim is to develop solution which would satisfy all parties, and not to determine which party was right.

The primary role of the mediator is to:
define and make parties aware of a conflict situation,
determine needs and interests of parties,
develope satisfying and intentional settlement.


Litigation in:
administrative and civil proceedings,
insolvency, settlement and enforcement proceedings.