Temporary work agency in Poland.

Temporary work agency in Poland: What investors need to know before establishing it.

At the beginning, mostly construction and production firms were attracted by the possibility of temporary employment. Nowadays, many companies decide to focus on temporary empoyment so the demand for both temporary and contract workers in Poland has been rising.

For our clients, we offer a complete start-up for temporary work agencies in Poland including followig services:

–          Legal advice with regards to the legal form of your business activity in Poland

–          Preparing of Articles of Association of the company

–          Assistance at the Notary’ office

–          Notifications to all authorities

–          Application for permission to conduct regulated activity

–          Assistance with respect to rental / purchase of your business premises

–          Assistance during recruitment procedure of your employees

–          Filing A1 form

–          Accounting service

Please contact us for our quotation including one-off package and/or permanent legal service