The public sector

current legal service for local government units
drafting and reviewing of internal documents,

legal service of investments
legal and financial project feasibility analysis and raising funds for new investments,
drafting agreements on implementation of investments,
raising funds from the European Union;

public procurement law
In the scope of the public procurement law we provide legal advice services in Poland and the European Union. We represent both Awarding Entities and Contractors on each stage of preparation and conduct of award procedures,

For Awarding Entities:
preparation of SIWZ (Specification of Essential Terms of Tender) documentation,
indication of risk connected with tendering procedure,
development of the specimen contracts, responds to inquiries of tenderers, responds to appeals, complaints and answers to complaints;

Private and Public Partnership
we provide comprehensive legal services and trainings with respect to projects implemented under Public and Private Partnership (PPP), and under concession for construction works or services, including:

legal and financial project feasibility analysis and legal opinions,
consultancy with respect to feasibility of the project under current legal and fiscal circumstances,
identification of appropriate partnership model,
legal services during the procedure to select the Private Partner,
drafting of tender announcement,
negotiations with Private Partner,
preparation of SIWZ (Specification of Essential Terms of Tender) documentation,
drafting and negotiating of PPP agreements,
project’ risk identification,
Market Testing and public consultation,
raising funds from the EU funds for new investments,
PPP trainings and free of expense seminars for local government units;

advising on the recovery of VAT on local investment
commercialization of science and technology